Scary Bungee Jumping in Nepal from The Last Resort

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Relax and Bungy or Swing (1 night)


This package includes similar features to the Bungee and Swing Day Trip package however; the visitors can enjoy and relax in the resort enjoying the beauty of the night. There is no doubt that the bungee and swing are now becoming heartthrob for the adventure seekers who love the sensation of being in the mid-air. 

As Bhotekoshi is one of the world’s finest and Nepal’s star locations for bungee and swing, the location has been able to attract a lot of adventure seekers. The 6000m steel wire bridge is also one of the top bungee and swing spot concerning the safety of the visitors. So, it is a perfect opportunity for the adventurous hearts where they can make a lifetime memory at the world’s largest natural free fall without having any concern for safety. 

The package also includes a meal as well as comfortable and luxurious accommodation facilities at the resort. You can make a pick on the available different packages where services may vary according to the chosen package. In general, the Last Resort’s package includes 2 days and one night stay which comes along with a 2-way transportation facility including breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities at a reasonable price. To qualify for the package, you have to be at least 18 years old and weighing a minimum of 45kg. However, if you exceed the age of 70 and weigh above 100kg, the sport is not favorable for you concerning your health and safety. You will be properly guided by a bungee jump expertise who has years of experience in the field and bungee jumping and swinging gears are included in the package. 

After experiencing the thrilling sports and resting on the lap of nature, the visitors will be provided an early morning breakfast before heading back to Kathmandu.

Bungy jumping in Nepal is quite popular for foreign tourists and youngster Nepali which means to jump from the the tall structure such as building, tower, bridge or crane that involves the thrilling experience of free-fall for more than 5 sec.


No. of Days :
2 D
No. of Nights :
1 N
Min Age :
18 Yrs
Max Age :
70 Yrs
Min Weight :
45 Kg
Max Weight :
100 Kg
Min Pax Per Booking :
1 Pax
Max Pax Per Booking :
20 Pax
Available Group Capacity :
100 Pax
Trip Standard :
2 Star
Grade :
Best Seasons :
Trip Start Elevation :
0 m
Lowest Elevation :
0 m
Highest Elevation :
0 m
Trip Start Point :
Trip End Point :



  • check_circle_outline 2 Way Transportation
  • check_circle_outline Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • check_circle_outline Bunjee jumping gears

  • highlight_off Meals not mentioned in includes
  • highlight_off Private Transportation
  • highlight_off Photo and Video
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brave girl Bimala doing bungee jumping from The Last Resort Nepal
Scary Bungee Jumping in Nepal from The Last Resort
CANYON SWING MAIN copyright The Last Resort
Best Bungee Jumping by a brave girl from The Last Resort

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